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Best Helper's Approach

We aim to build a long-term partnership with all our clients; therefore time and care are vital to better understand our clients’ needs. Here is how we do it:

Step 1: Needs Assessment 

The consultation with the client includes spending time with the managers and function team(s) to thoroughly understand the client’s business model, marketing strategy, financial strategy, reporting procedures, position requirements and candidate qualifications.

Step 2: Research & Search Strategy

Using our database and other sources of information, contact is made with the prospective candidates to determine the suitability. We then conduct an extensive interview to evaluate their qualifications and level of interest in the client’s position. The potential candidates are carefully short-listed and presented in a market report to the client.

Step 3: Candidate Presentation

The short-listed candidates are then presented professionally to the client, including their detailed profiles of their background, work history and assessment of their qualifications.

Step 4: Reference Checks

We conduct at least two to three reference interviews with peers, managers and direct reports to generate a more comprehensive profile of the final candidate. The reference report highlights the person’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn helps the client communicate effectively and also to prepare the candidate for success.

Step 5: Compensation Negotiations

We provide guidance on compensation, taking into account the budget requirements and market rates in the strictest confidence. We are competent to conduct compensation negotiations with the chosen candidate so as to put into a place a mutually-beneficial and fair arrangement.

Step 6: Follow- Up

While the assignment is technically complete once the offer is accepted, we continue to keep in touch with both the client and candidate so as to facilitate future dialogue in the following months. We wish to ensure a good match, and to assist in a smooth settling-in for the candidate.

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