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Head Hunting Services



For specialised and tough to fill searches, using a professional recruiter with a strong network of candidates and a true knowledge of your requirements will save you time and money.

The recruiting challenges faced in the Myanmar market means finding the right candidate can take up to several months. This is time you and your business cannot afford. Talk to one of our recruitment consultants today to work out the best approach for your staffing needs.


Executive search

Our experienced consultants will map both the local and international market for you, researching competitor companies and companies with similar structures to locate the best candidates for your organisation. We will guide you through the entire recruitment process from resume screening, interviews and the issuing of offer letters. We will also conduct background reference checks as required. This is a retained service and therefore requires a partial upfront payment before the service begins.

Contract Staffing Service

Contract staffing is a great short term solution to your immediate recruitment needs. While we are searching for the perfect full-time candidate for your organisation, we will have one of our qualified staff assigned to your office to cover the responsibilities of that missing headcount. We will manage all insurances, payroll and expenses and invoice you every 2 weeks for the service.

We pride ourselves in being Myanmar’s best recruitment agency with capabilities in all areas of white collar recruitment. From CFOs to Accountants, Marketing Assistants to CEOs, we will find you the best bilingual talent either in Myanmar or overseas.

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